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5PX HEX PAR can be configured as DMX mode 6,7,8 and 12 channels.

On DMX operator 384, each fixture could have a max of 32 channels.

DMX address of fixture 1 is set to 1, fixture 2 to 33, fixture 3 to 65, and so on.

If 5PX is not set on DMX 6 channels mode, I can't control them with the controller.

I would like to have more channel than 6, is it possible? If answer is Yes, how to?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello, i am not sure i understand your question, the 5P Hex can be placed into 6ch, 7ch, 8ch, or 12ch mode via the Menu on each fixture via the Mode and up and down and enter buttons. you should refer to the user manual it came with on how to place them into a certain channel mode, and then you address each one like you mentioned above; in groups of 32 channels to make it easier for you to program. 

Hi Jingle8302,

I'll try to be more explicit ... I read the user manual and I known how to place the 5PX into different DMX modes. When I choose to place it into 8ch mode, define the DMX Address on 1 (A001) and connect the fixture to the operator 384, I should by able to control (RGBWAU) on channel 1-6, master dimmer on channel 7 and strobing on channel 8 ... But it doesn't work (5PX doesn't react to any moves on cursors, no red, no green, ...) !

Only 5PX placed into ch6 DMX mode let me control the fixture with the operator 384. Probably I do something wrong but I can't figure out what exactly.

PS : I also have ADJ Mega Tripar profile plus fixtures, configurable as 4ch,5ch,6ch,9ch and 10ch. Only the 4ch setup let me control the fixture with operator 384.

Thanks for your help ...


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