Is there an operational difference between the 5P and 5PX Hex lights?  Specifically where the 5PX needs to have channel 8 (strobe) on (greater than 0) in order for channel 7 (master dimmer) to work?  Versus the older 5P, where the master dimmer channel works regardless of the strobe channel.  This is for 8 channel (or greater) modes.

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Hello Marc,

outside of the strobe channel difference the lights will be the same with how they operate in DMX. The programs will be very similar, the only difference may be the color macros that are built in.

@ErikG Thank you for your help.

The reason I ask is that I had ordered a replacement Main PCB board for the older 5P and it is now acting like the new 5PX.  I had confirmed in my order that I was supposed to get the older version but think I received the wrong one.  Will be contacting them now.

I actually looked into the difference you mentioned, there was two different versions of the 5P Hex that had that change. The original one required no shutter control but the shutter control option was later changed. The same shutter control option is on the 5PX Hex as well as you mentioned.

@ErikG Isn't that a little strange to change that in the same model of the light?  Like if someone bought the newer version to try and use it with the older version?  I suppose if they assume that they're all the new version, then it should work fine with the old versions?

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