Hello everyone, My name is Jordan (DJ-JDAWG). I am going to be starting a small mobile DJ business for fun because I have loved stage lights and music ever since was little. My dream for a long time was to have a really cool DMX setup and since Christmas is coming up my mom and gram agreed to get me DMX lighting. I am going to be getting 2 - PAR 64 RGB LED WIDE CANS, 2 - RAM RGBW Dual moonflowers with built in white wash/strobe, and a RGB Python. I have included links below for reference. I am looking for your opinions and suggestions on the lights I am getting as well as some neat effects I could do with this and also anything else you think I should know. Thank you in advance!!!
Jordan (DJ-JDAWG)
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i think for the start all lighting will be good
you need to remember you just start the business so dont buy stuff that you dint really need

good luck man
happy holiday

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