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Wifly EXR Battery freezes??

What up people?!

For lack of a better term, My EXR Battery freezes from time to time and I have to shut it down for an unknown amount of time. 

In the attached picture, just imagine that the green light above WiFly Strength is solid and the 4 lights next to it are all lit up, solid green (making 5 solid green).  

Per the manual:  When transmitting a signal, the first indicator block will flash slowly.  When receiving a signal, the indicator will stay solid, not flash.  The fist indicator block will flash quickly when there is no DMX signal.

Doesn't really clarify what will stay solid, 1 block or all 5.  It does say the "indicator" leading me to believe singular.  

This issue has caused me to invest in a 2nd battery and now both units are acting the same.  Anyone experiencing this?  Really frustrating as we have to pause the rehearsal/show for an undetermined amount of time while it resets. 



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