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Reply to "Why do you choose ADJ?"

Chris excellent post. Let me say that I am a greenhorn at lighting compared to most of you. Recently I decided to undertake the task or relighting the entire nightclub I run. I searched for weeks on the "right" lights. I borrowed lights from other local clubs to test them out, play with their functions, etc.

About 3 weeks ago came the time to actually begin the ordering process. My sound engineer told me I was retarded for going ADJ. I told him, yes while there are better, more suited lightings for the application, we are working on a budget here. He proposed I go with all Martin Lighting. I did not take his advice. Below is what I bought.

4 AccuSpot 300 (I am ordering 4 more when I get more $$$)
4 Fusion Scan 250EX (cool light, thanx for the bulbs Ernie)
6 P64 LED (by far the best light for the $$$)

On order
4 Accuspot 300
8 Performance Scan
4 P64 LED

All in all with DMX cables, power cords, and clamps, my total was less than $8000.

Now had I listened to my sound engineer. I would have spent closer to $16000 for the Martin Lighting. Now I wouldn't ever dare say Martin Lighting isn't worth it. However, for 1/2 the $$$, I can buy all the ADJ stuff 2x. So as long as the ADJ is 1/2 as good, then I feel ADJ is the right choice.

So far the customer support and these forums have blown me away with willingness to help.

On a side note, Chris is right, nearly every light is made of the SAME components. It's just the final assembly thats different. That being said, you can buy the cheapest stuff, as long as you take care of it, do proper maintenance, don't abuse it, it should last for a long while.
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