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Reply to "VMS4 Traktor Mappings"

Originally posted by Rynaldo:
I also posted a four deck mapping here now, so there are now options enough for Traktor pro to get you headstarted and optimise your own tsi settings for optimal use.

Hi there I like your mapping idea, however I have a weird preoblem with it.

I see that to get around the non toggling SHIFT button (ADJ Please fix this in the next firmware it's really irritating) you mapped the SYNC to change decks with modifiers.

Ther problem i have is that if i press the button quickly it slows the music down, and if i use it normally i get a very strange glitch in the sound.

I tested it both on my big rig and the laptop also using the NI-A4

I use windows 7x64 not MAC

Have you seen this issue? Does anyone else have the same issue ?


I found your reply ....

I noticed it as well now. That is the Send Monitor State function (updates all led's for e.g. hot cue's and so one) which causes that. That function is a bit buggy (found it on a forum stating it creates clicks and pops).
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