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Reply to "VMS4 Traktor Mappings"

Have you tried these mappings fond on the website?

Traktor Duo 1.2.5 Midi Command File (zip)

Traktor Pro Midi Command File (Zip)

I haven't tried them my self as I got frustrated after 6 days and boxed it backup, have it the trunk of my car read to return.

I got it a lower than the MSRP, so if any one wants it let me know!

Originally posted by HartmutADJEU:
hi hardwirded,
please find below the answer from freshluke, which see has send me via email. She will register soon and participate in this forum.

quote from freshfluke:

I only really need 2 channels but I'd like to be able to set 8 cue points, sync them, and use all traktors effects.

=> if you're brave enough Smiler

* open preferences > controller manager
* select the vms mapping from the dropdown list "device" on the top
* search for entries "Select/Set=Store Hotcue" (click on headline of the table to sort alphabetically)
* select one of those that have the assignment "Deck C"
* now change the assignment to "Deck A" via the dropdown in the lower part of the window
* now change "Set to Value" to "Hotcue 5"
* close the prefences. shift+hotcue 1 should now jump to hotcue 5
* open the prefences and change the other deck c (and deck d,
respectively) hotcues like described to the other values (6,7,8)

cue and play the wrong way round?

in traktor, the play button is on the left. i found it confusing to have that order changed on the hardware, although easily possible:

* controller manager again
* select "Cue" with assignment "Deck A"
* click on LEARN
* press the button that has CUE printed on it. the value should now change to another note
* disengage LEARN by clicking on it again

* now find "Play/Pause" for Deck A
* click LEARN
* press the button on the VMS with the play sign (>Wink, the value of the note should change now
* disengage the LEARN button by clicking on it
* close the prefs and check if it's working as expected.
* repeat accordingly for deck b.

NOTE: this is a quick and dirty solution, since deck c and d controls are still functional. if you really dont need deck c and d you might want to delete every entry assigned to deck c and d.

NOTE 2: the outputs, i.e. lights are working inversed now. ean golden wrote on a comprehensive guide how to map the LEDs in traktor. have a read and see if you manage to change the lights now by yourself.

NOTE 3: always export a working mapping via the export button and save it with another name!!!

NOTE 4: yes, it's easy to screw things up, so act carefully!!! Wink

when i come back to germany, i will create a more advanced mapping that will have all 8 cue points and added functionality/versatility.

this one was meant to be basic and easy to memorize. Smiler

Also, I have a crossfader issue... if i assign c2 on left and c3 on the right; c2 stays on no matter which side I slide it?... ideas?

preferences > output routing > mixing mode on internal? set it to EXTERNAL!