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Reply to "VMS4. Things that need looking after?"

Originally posted by Ihearyou(American Audio):
@ Souf Thanks...

@ The Technician.
1. The mixer on Virtual DJ LE is not mapped because the VMS4 by default mode use it audio interface and routes you PC's audio steam to the Digital mixer.
2.The sampler is routed to deck a and b in virtual DJ LE because of the 4 asio channel interface.The volume knob is simply a parameter change.
3.What effect are you talking about the effects and sample actually use you decks BPM, try it again.
4. because you haven't set a loop. did you?
5.If you are refering to the LED then the answer is "BLue" means that smart loop is active,to deactivate it press shift + Loop/smart. "RED" means there is an active loop in that deck this button will also set a "1 baet loop"
6.The touch strip has 2 layers like a cake. the first layer is not mapped. Press Shift+ slide you finger lightly on the strip up or down to scroll thru you loaded track.
7.That is a skin thing
8. can you paraphrase this, Please.
9. it has a four channel mixer and can interface with 4 virtual decks. We never made any promise.
10. That is your key value in different scales.

1. That means that there is no realy use for it, so why not remove it, or make it selecteable on/off?
2. Ok.
3. Echo, Flanger, Brake and Backspin cant be synced to beat. :-(
4. no, but wouldent be good to know how many beats long the loop is before you activate SMART LOOP.
If you last had it on a quarter beat loop and now want a 4 beat loop, you have to activate it first, and then change
5. Can you please check that again? I can se no difference in Loop length wether its Blue or Red.
Change one, and the other has the same lenght.
6. Ok.
7. Will that change?
8. With Keylock of, you can here the change in key when you change the speed of the track. (Normal)
But when you take the pitchfader to example +12% the key gets higher (normal), now activate Keylock, and VDJ locks in
the key at +12% pitch, not 0% like every other CD player.
Now changing the speed to -12%, you can here that keylock is holding the key from +12%. (High pitched, but slow)
Key lock is ment to hold the key at 0%, so that voices dont sound mousy when you pitch the speed up.
9. Hmmm.. :-(
10. Ok.