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Reply to "VMS4. Things that need looking after?"

Originally posted by Souf:
I dont mean to offend you, but your questions would be maybe more appropriate on the VirtualDJ forums. Secondly, maybe you have never used DJ software before. Finally, many of your questions are simply retarded.
Most have a 'mixer' section, (eq band) on them. On VDJ you do have the option to 'turn it off' so to speak. Its basically a skin. Its there in case someone is using full on midi mode where also the eq of the software is used. then it would be ideal to have it.
your question 5: its basically the two decks, red is one deck and blue is the other deck.
q6) you have to assign a function to it yourself.
For full use of the VMS6 you gonna need something more than the LE version of VDJ.

1. The mixer section is unnessery, since you cant map any byttons in VDJ LE. (Solution: a skin without mixer)
2. Your wrong with the RED/BLUE button. Try again...
3. Again, you cant map any buttons in VDJ LE, therefore you cant map the strip to anything.
4. Now ho is retar...?