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VMS4. Things that need looking after?

1. Why is there a mixer on the software, when its not useable via VMS4?
2. Why does the 2 samplers go out on fader 2 and 3, when they have there own vol control?
3. Why cant the effects be synced with the beat of the track?
4. Why cant you see Smart Loop length, before activating?
5. What is the difference between Loop being Red/Blue?
6. Touchstrips no function?
7. Why is there no Pitch tempo range info, when i change it?
8. Keylock error. Example: Play a track, set Keylock off, pitch to +/-12%, pitchfader to + or -12%, activate Keylock, and the key is set from +12% not 0% as every CD player does. (it dosent matter what range the pitch is in)

9. Where are the last 2 out of the 4 decks they prommised? Its called a VMS 4, or did i get it wrong?
10. What are the letters under Pitch +/- buttons on the left player, and what happens when i click on it?

Just a few problems i ran into.

VDJ LE 6.1
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