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Reply to "VMS4 - important news (for playing in larger clubs)"

Obviously something in your head doesn't allow the words FOUR DECK SOLUTION to register.

VDJ Pro IS NOT A FOUR DECK SOLUTION is was never meant to be. Look in the VDJ forums:-

(a) they don't have a four deck solution that works on one machine that is "out of the box" and able to to function correctly without additional skins, limitations etc.

(b) the timecode problems still causes many problems, so much tech support have called it "natural vinyl drift" - which is marketing BS for can't get it to lock

(c)This was never meant to be a four deck solution, it's was never designed to be a full time four deck workhorse for club installations - ask the programmers, I did !

The VMS4 is marketed as the worlds first complete 4 deck solution, but without the the appropriate software it is unable to do what it is designed to do.

Those people (myself included) who got excited talking to the guys at NAMM about the "WORLDS FIRST COMPLETE FOUR DECK SOLUTION" are now expected to buy additional software to deliver the functionality of the solution they bought into.......... they even spoke to me about a special version of tracktor LE being built and shipped with the unit as they knew that the other software vendors couldn't produce a working solution. I even have it on video !

Or we could do what you suggest, by another laptop, crate that around with the other one and then try to pull off the complex shuffles, loops and creative work that controllerism requires ....BY EAR. Big Grin

So you are buying a device that is a 4 deck club soultion, so you can take two laptops and play by ear ... well done you .... you make me laugh, prove to me that 4 deck (by ear) mixing can be done, by recording a mix for us to hear ...

You know the same way that school kids with no talent can do with the correct software ! like the thousands on youtube, there's nothing on there about 4 deck VDJ ! ...

I respect people/DJ's who know what they are talking about, shame you seem to know nothing about modern club work.....the complexaties of "modern" DJ'ing ..

BTW I also ran a mobile DJ business for many years and now mostly just hire the gear out, it's not DJ work, simply one off one on and a bit of microphone technique ... you don't impress anyone sir with your school dances....

NOTE to the moderators, if you want to ban me fine, the same discussions are going on in ALL the major DJ forums.

The desicion to switch from VMS4 + NI's Traktor a true 4 deck solution, to VMS4 and VDJ a two deck solution with a 4 deck meaning buying another laptop and accepting "drift" and beatlock problems was a stupid one, it also puts the VMS4 in the "toy" bracket with the Hercules DJ/Steel/RMX (which with the correct software behind it is quite good !).

This device could have been competition for the VCI100/300/TR1 from Vestax, or along the lines of the many other devices on the European market.

However if ADJ's target audience is the bedroom / school disco DJ, then they got it right, though remember a controller is only as good as the software allows, with VDJ it's won't be taken seriously in the clubs because it can't deliver what it promises (without some major investment - why do that when you can buy a Korg04 for less).

So I will enjoy the controller, I will continue working with Traktor Scratch Pro until someone makes a better solution, i will publish my .tsi's and continue building my own midi controllers, and if I ever weant to go back to two decks, I have my SL1210 Mk5G's and 25 years of vinyl collecting - a different style of DJ'ing that is nothing in comparison to the new levels expected in a modern club.

Unless you have anything constructive about the subject (or can give me real facts) SHUT THE F UP.

FOUR DECK SOLUTION means FOUR WORKING DECKS, in time, without problems and straight from the box.