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Reply to "VMS4 - important news (for playing in larger clubs)"

Again, it's not about being a fanboy. It's about I spin music and music videos at Weddings, Proms, School Dances, Mitzvah's, ect. I cannot do video in Traktor, so it does not suit my needs, but I never said Traktor is not pro equipment. You are being defensive, and not reading my posts with an open mind. I just said for the 5th time
Just because it does not fit YOUR needs, does not make it any less PRO SOFTWARE

I do music video in my performances, so if I wasn't digital, I would use DVJ 1000's, but that wouldn't make CDJ 1000's less professional, because they couldn't do the job that I need. I try to respect all DJ's, and their individual talents, and the equipment that they use to get the job done.

So let's put an end to this now.
Traktor = you love, so use it.
VDJ = Does not fit your needs, so don't use it.

So now enjoy the VMS and Traktor, and rock your parties.