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Reply to "VMS4 - important news (for playing in larger clubs)"

who uses a piece of software does not make it Pro or not, it's the build quality for the job in hand. VDJ is not 4 deck, traktor was designed from the start to be 4 deck, minimal latency, minimal fuss !

As for 4 deck serato thats coming this year, for what I've seen it's pretty good too.

You can't use just your ears to pull off the controllerism tricks that digital DJ'ing expects thesedays..... ask an expert, Ean Golden, Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Carl Craig and of course the man himself, Grandmaster Flash !
I'm talking about multiple loops, cue points, a couple of tracks running at the same time, lay on a few loops, pull off some crazy loop mashup and have the next song cued and waiting, ready ... it's what the Ableton guys do, but live not pre-arranged in the studio.

And before I get really angry ...


the fooooking needs of the unit are not being served ! It's sold as a FOUR DECK SOLUTION

VDJ is not 4 deck (not without major headaches)

that is not PROFESSIONAL, it was not designed for the job in hand of 4 decks MIDI mixing in a live environment.

you don't buy a 4 wheel drive only to realise that it's 2 wheel drive most of the time, but there's a page in the back of the handbook saying you can get 4 wheel drive, but the radio and airconditioning stop working and the brakes might be a little dodgy.

If you can beatlock with your ears as to say, make a video proving you can do it across 4 decks with VDJ ... you will be alone.

However look on youtube for the thousands of beginers who can use 4 decks on Traktor.

I am not a fanboy (which it seems you are) I gave Native Intruments a really hard time when they screwed up the 1.2 release, they realised they got it wrong, fixed the problems, and everyone is happy.

If there was a new soultion tomorrow and it was better than Traktor I would move in a shot, I have no loyalty to any company, i buy products to suit the job in hand.

This approach has me reviewing kit for all manner of people and magazines