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VMS4 - important news (for playing in larger clubs)

Hi guys,

Firsty an introduction. I am a verteran DJ with over 20 years of vinyl playing across Europe (and a little in the states), last year I made the switch do DVS mainly for the smaller clubs and bars that have vibration issues (vinyl guys know this problem well). I had been using both systems for the last 3 or 4 years.

Anyway, I pre-ordered my VMS4 some time ago, but I was left wondering about a number of issues.

Firstly I have to say I did complain bitterly about the loss of Traktor after I bought it!

I had questions relating to the output. As most people know here 16bit sound is not good enough for the larger venues (anyone arguing this point is probably a bedroom DJ or partially deaf). The good news is that the unit WILL do 24bit if the firmware is changed to Pre_EQ. The firmware updater will be included in the release. They say they are the only company to make this happen (thats not entirely true, but certainly thay are one of the very few companies to do this and it shows they were listening to the DJ's making the request).

I asked if they had given up on making the unit Traktor Ready / Traktor certified .... they have no plans to make this happen (shame that was the main reason for me pre-ordering the unit !).

They will however be including Traktor maps, I assume this will be all versions of Traktor including scratch pro. They have told me that there's unit WILL NOT succesfully use Traktor timecode vinyl, you will still need an NI Audio-8 at £399 to get Traktor timecode working (ie disable the internal sound, configure traktor to use the Audio8 etc.).

Also for those people needing a case, on removal of the corner sections, it will fit nicely into a regular 19" case - so no need to have something built for it.

The engineering staff have been very good in sharing the information, but it's slow to come and I really needed to press them for it.

One thing that did annoy me and still does, this unit is marketed as a 4 channel mixer and then they ship it with the rubbish VDJ software, which is not capable of 4 decks (unless you run two instances of the program across two monitors). I have used all the available software on the market and (sorry to the fan boys of VDJ) VDJ does not cut it as professional software for todays market.

Traktor is the only true 4 deck solution.

So guys to use the controller as intended, as a 4 deck solution with sound and DVS, you still need to buy Traktor Scratch Pro with an Audio 8. Disable the internal sound and import the .tsi's that will be included on release.

Perhaps two versions of the controller could have been made, one without any sound (like the Vestax VCI) and one truely Traktor certified, with a full 4 deck 24bit sound solution that doesn't require us to use the Audio 8 from NI.

Anyone saying I should use VDJ, please resist the temptation to tell me, I have used it and it's for bedroom DJ's not pro's. I have tested all solutions and Traktor wins everytime, telling me to use the VDJ will no doubt pi$$ me off, it's only won awards because it's one of the cheapest full DVS solutions, but until it's as accurate as Traktor, has 4 decks and decent effects (beat grid, beat slicer, advance control, loops/cue points on the fly etc.) then it's never going to be taken seriously.

I will give more information as I receive it, and if anyone has Traktor questions, or how to set up a laptop correctly for digital audio, message me, i will help where I can.

Mark Stewart
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