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Reply to "VMS4 Fixes for Headphones, Master, and Microphones"

Originally posted by JanADJEurope:
Please send an email to, with link(s) of that stores?

Thank you in advance!

Well, I think that you'll probably find it after a (i'm using that) search "vms4 traktor".

Here's another 2 questions:
- The vms4 velocity controllers next to be delivered to shops will have the sound issues (that low output that everyone's talking about) fixed? If YES, how we'll recognize those controllers as "new & fixed" in shops? (is there a serial numbers lot, or something related, after we can recognize those new controllers?)
I hope this question didn't sounded silly, but I want to be sure that if i'm spending some money on a vms4, I want to be "up & running", you know, and not to be forced to return it to the shop or use additional devices to ensure that the sound level, or something else, is good.

- The new vms4 Traktor will include that sound fix. Is that correct?