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Reply to "VMS4 Fixes for Headphones, Master, and Microphones"

Well, that's great and all, but the frequencey response is not the issue. I can correct that with some EQ if I need to.

Has the output problem been fixed, and is there a fix for my current unit, or should I take it back to the dealer and swap it for another one?

As far as people not calling in to complain about the audio, once I found mine was utter crap, I then patched it into my behringer mixer, and use the mics attached to my behringer mixer.
I'm guessing a lot of dj's are either playing with this for club/home use, and don't use the mic.

Originally posted by emarx:
Originally posted by TulsaDJ:
I wish I had hooked this thing up to my main system earlier, I've had it since October, so I bet I can't return it. I hope once all these issues are resolved we can trade them in for a unit that might actually meet the printed specs.

My phone call to customer support was a joke, he didn't even acknowledge there was a problem.

I haven't had problems with headphone output, but have had the mic issue, and low output problem, as shown below. For now, my low audio and microphone audio fix will be accomplished by using a Behringer 1002, or Mackie 1402VLZ3

The following test was conducted yesterday by putting a .775v signal source into an analog channel of the VMS4.

Hey TulsaDJ,

Thanks for bringing this up. We did testing and got the dB dip on both the low end 20Hz and high end 20kHz reduced from about 1.2dB to 0.3dB. If we try to go flatter than this we'll run into other issues like power-up response on the 20Hz end and digital noise interference on the 20kHz end.

Also the level will be pulled way up with the increase in master output. The combination of the two will definitely improve the sound brightness.