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Reply to "VMS4 Fixes for Headphones, Master, and Microphones"

Originally posted by djmm:

Thank you for your response. Yes, I did take your post the wrong way but it is written in a very misleading way. If you re-read it, it is written to sound like one in a hundred have problems. The fact is, all units are faulty. Some just have found a way to make it work by not speaking so loud or not using as much gain. Bottom line, the mic section of the VMS4 is faulty. We can all agree on that.

Listen, I am absolutely not here to cause problems. I LOVE my VMS4! I think it is very high quality and is built like a tank. I put it into my hard case, which is also very high quality, and this thing will last me a long time.

I have no problems with low output. I only have low output on the headphones. And, that's not that bad.

Will I have to remove the microphone adapters each time I close up the unit or are they made so that they plug in and then are flexible?

Keep up the great work.


Anyways to clarify this, all original VMS4s have the same microphone circuit, and if your application has the distortion issue it will have it even if you swap it for another one.

The microphone adapters have built-in transformers so unfortunately while it would be better if they could be flexible, they're not.