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Reply to "VMS4 Fixes for Headphones, Master, and Microphones"

@GroovinDJ: I get the sarcasm, but look...
There's already mic adapters to fix the distorted mics. The other issues are things we improved upon and are coming out with a new model with these fixes.

Look at the iPhone 4. The antenna doesn't work right if you hold it in a certain way. So does that mean Apple should just swap out your unit for free when the iPhone 5 comes out?

With the Innofader product, I've done a trade-in deal where DJs can simply trade-in an original Innofader for an Innofader Pro and pay the price difference plus a reasonable restocking fee. This is something I've offered, it's cool to make such offers, but expecting ADJ to offer free swaps on used product for every DJ...I don't think this is fair or reasonable. I'd say just resell your VMS4 when the new one comes out, and stop expecting ADJ to be Santa Claus.

@Derek: Fair enough for your toned down response. We did beta testing, yes had DJs take the unit out on the road, and made many software and hardware fixes based on the testing. Some noticed these issues but didn't find them severe enough to hold back the product.

To put this in perspective for every hundred or so VMS4s out there, maybe 1 customer calls in about the microphone distortion. With the DJs who tested it seemed just fine, and even though the levels were low and some noise seemed to be there, it worked fine wherever they tested.

I've been the one pushing for far more aggressive beta testing from the beginning, ADJ is coming around on this, so no need to convince me. It's not just a matter of getting DJs to try the product, but getting it in the hands of a variety of DJs in a variety of performance situations who will take a critical look at it. Also it's important to get QC testers, sales, and engineers look at the product because each one will find something different.
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