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Reply to "VMS4 Fixes for Headphones, Master, and Microphones"

Hey all,

I have to say I feel like I've taken enough abuse far more than I'm comfortable being quiet about.

I'm an engineer, this is my baby, and I guess by the nature of things there are far more pundits available to criticize what we're doing than there are experts who can fix it. I've personally overseen the circuit board revisions for fixing the issues. So yes this is happening and it's my job to make sure of this.

About the way customer service is or isn't responding, from what I know the phone is ringing all day non-stop. I could only imagine if you want to get into a philosophical argument about dB with them they probably won't take too kindly to this. This forum is a much better place for such discussions, and again I'm going to ask you keep it constructive and remember I am listening and am probably the best person to get your suggestions implemented into the actual product hardware.

Remember the VMS4 is about 1/2 the price of its nearest competitor for anything even remotely similar. It is a huge challenge to keep the price way down. But after I and a few others started blowing whistles and started talking about how we can and should be improving this, it is happening.

The output levels are low, which explains why the 0dB setting is lower. Yes standard line level audio is .775V = 0dB but the purpose of a meter is to warn you when the sound is close to distorting. So if on the other extreme you had a mixer that can handle an 8V RMS signal without distortion, setting 0dB=.775V is useless because you'd have to go to +20dB before even a hint of distortion.

On the new VMS4 the 0dB setting will be 4x as high, but again there is no point to calibrate it at .775dB because the purpose is to help you optimize the sound output by maximizing the sound without distortion.

I am a bit concerned about the high frequency volume rolloff; I'm going to our production facility this week and I'll work on ways to prevent this while still keeping the noise level reasonable.
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