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Reply to "VMS4 Fixes for Headphones, Master, and Microphones"

Originally posted by emarx:
@pumpitdj: We don't come on here to spread rumors. These things we are testing and improving right now.

@Derek: You are also an electronics engineer, and you realize that resolving these issues isn't trivial and requires PC board changes.

All of the 4 issues on your last post are issues we are fixing.

MICs: Giving them all of the preamp headroom they need without distortion
Output level: 4x level boost = 16x power boost
Output noise: lowering the background noise
Headphones: 2x level boost = 4x power boost

there are news?

The "old VMS4" community wait a retrofit... How gone the "Haltest" or road test to?

Is possible to self made the variation? Or is possible to have the scheme for our support and idea, this controller is a "open controller" say ADJ.