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Reply to "VMS4 Fixes for Headphones, Master, and Microphones"

Originally posted by emarx:
Hello all,

We are very busy behind the scenes making this happen. Lack of an announcement simply means that the full solution is not yet available.

I personally am overseeing all of these changes and their implementation into production. We've made and tested exactly the updates as I describe but it isn't just a matter of scribbling an idea down on a piece of paper and voila everything is fixed. Circuit boards need to be updated, retested, assembled, fixed, and redone again to ensure that everything sounds and feels pro. Then everything needs to get on the production line and shipped which by itself takes over a month.

I made the first unit with these changes by hand. It took me a full week to do this. The output noise is far from ideal and wiring is really messy, so there is no way that American DJ could do such hand made changes on a massive scale. The changes must be implemented on production circuit boards.

The current status is yes we have updated circuit boards that are being prepared for mass production. It will be a few months to actually get parts ordered, built, tested, and shipped. When everything is ready to hit the streets you will hear an official announcement from American DJ.

thx for the insightful update! Smiler