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VMS4 Fixes for Headphones, Master, and Microphones

Just to update everybody, here's what we're working on for solutions to these issues:

Microphones: An output level shifter (aka impedance transformer) to prevent distortion

Headphones & Master: Higher voltage power supply adapter for higher output. Testing in progress.

New Production
Microphones: reducing preamp gain and using gain knob as actual gain control to eliminate distortion and improve sound quality

Headphones: Increased power supply and increased gain. Roughly 6dB improvement

Master: Increased power supply and increased gain. Roughly 12dB improvement on booth, master RCA, and master balanced circuit

I can't speak officially for how support will handle these issues, but what I can say is we are definitely working on sourcing both a microphone impedance transformer for resolving the microphone distortion issue.

I'll just do my best to keep you informed and let you all know we take your feedback seriously!
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