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Reply to "VMS 4 Release"

Jungle_Brothah are you using Virtual DJ LE or pro? if your using Pro you have to save the VMS4 mapping and definition on your Virtual dj documents > mappers and devices folders.

In regards to Traktor make sure you are using version 1.2.4 or earlier to support the MIDI mapping. make sure you use the vms4 interface in the right mode for the file ( 4out or 8out).

Originally posted by Jungle_Brothah:
I received my VMS4 yesterday, and I have the same problems!

Can't get it to work with neither VDJ nor Traktor Scratch Pro.

VDJ receives midi signals, but it doesn't play the track, nor does it respond to the jogwheel.
The supplied VDJ software also doesn't allow me to enter the config menu, only upgrade to PRO and try Trial version for 20 days is shown. After the entering the trial period, I still can't access the config menu.

Traktor Scratch Pro even has bigger problems, Í have to restart the program multiple times before even getting it to receive midi signals, and even then after a few seconds the signal is lost and doesn't respond anymore.

I also used the analog audio mode offcourse, and have to say I'm disappointed very much by it's quality!
It's definately not useable for live shows, as the sound get's/is distorted/pumped up very much, even staying below 0dB.

I also don't like the VU meters, in CUE the VU output signal is indicating 3dB lower than the master output, so using the gain to cue up to master volume can give you false information when mixing in, as the volume will be much louder than the track that's playing.

I also don't like the master volume and gain that seem to be chained to eachother in the VU meter output.