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Reply to "UV Yet again. Large room advisory"

How long of a warm-up time would I be looking at for a mercury vapor lamp? The reason warm-up time is an issue is that after the band is being cleared out, and all the stage is being reset in commando/ninja fashion, chances are the last thing I'll want to do is turn on the fixtures. So unless the UV Cannons lamps are taking forever and a day, that could be an issue. Otherwise, I think I might be OK. I'd say if the warm-up time is around 5 minutes, that's fine.

But, with the UV Wash being a 100-watt draw item, I think that would be a decent option. Definately get at least 2 of these. I can't see needing more because of how I would be mounting them. Cold is a POSSIBLE issue, but not a killer. Instant on isn't a real issue. Since the rave is indoors, and even though by Sacramento standards it was cold last weekend, the lights will have been inside for several hours and more than sufficient time to warm up to a comfortable temperature. But good to know about the time.

These lights are definately NOT suitable for my big show application where having control is a major requirement. In the situation I'm looking at, I don't need all the control issues. This one is a set and forget application.

I think I should get a case or two for these if I go this route. At the MSRP, the UV wash is definately an affordable item, enough to get more than 1. They are also small enough where they ain't gonna take up a whole lot of space being stored either.

WORSE case is that if I want more impact, I can bring other stands and place them around other locations, plug in and ignore them for the rest of the event.

Just more to add to the list of things to get:
16 new LED cans
Drum shield
2 guitar shields
Now these.

Gonna be a fun year!!

Thanks. I know what to aim for now. I got until September to order 2 of these and 4 spare bulbs. Hey, better safe than screwed!