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UV Yet again. Large room advisory

OK, I know I asked a ton of stuff about a UV application, now I have another one that is fortunately not as complicated, yet complicated in it's own way.

In this application, I need to cover a large area. I'm not worried about things like consistent, even or even total coverage. What I am looking for is a cost effective, durable method of covering a relatively large area. I found out the room this will be in seats 600 in the maximum configuration(I use up about 40 seats for my FOH position). Then they open it up for maybe 300 more(removing a wall).

In this application, I want a relatively quick start time, so unless it takes it 5 minutes to warm up to work, it should be fine. I don't care about DMX control, but it would be a nice thing I'd pay extra for, but I do have dimmers if I ever need to go that route.

I also want to cover the stage a bit, and I do currently have a 64 LED UV fixutre.

The main things I want to address are the following:
Covering a big area, but doesn't have to be the whole room. I don't think that's possible. I do have to light from the stage is the only restriction, but I can also put it on my trees, which each have 4 64 LED Pros on it, so I can clamp it to an LTS-2 with an o-clamp if need be.

Ravers apparently don't want lots of light, which is fine. I want SOME light on stage for safety of the dancers brought up there(under control and selection by the MC). The Mega Bar 50's I have will aimed super low and in a solid dark color just to help with seeing the floor and stuff like that. My Mega Panels will be behind the dancers but in front of the DJ table and blasting through the stage dancers and into the room. The MC likes ot point my 64 LED Pros into the room, which he does with my permission. The Mega Panels and the 64 LED Pros just run sound active all night at 100% and the crowd seems to love it. But they like UV too, so I want to give more than what I can do with a single 64 UV LED.

Money is an issue, but it's not a major one. I got some money to spend. I prefer Elation and ADJ products only. I do want to keep it on the affordable siide though since these are lights I'll only use twice a year for sure, maybe 3 times.

What is the coverage of a UV cannon 12 feet above the main floor and aimed across the venue?
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