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Reply to "Using Multiple lights in FX"

i'm bored so lets see how stupid i can make myself look.
first off... i know "jack" about midi. but, i'm trying to pick up on it to see if its something i could benifit from. so yes i think your close except i believe the mydmx is what learns the midi trigger, rather than the midi board learning.
as far as sound triggering, look out. that is an ongoing subject here it seems. cris will explain all that.
for me, i dont know, sound triggering maybe what im looking for, but it makes me think of boring internal chases and what not. which you want to use it for triggering your schenes in mydmx so thats not the same. what im trying to do is get my brain around being able to adjust my show to the meter/tempo of the bands i may be running with.. until my dmx i relied on my 3 elation scene setters with there tap sync, "real time" fade time adjustments( fader i can grab with my fingers), flash buttons, full on and manual modes to work with to spice it up.but thats stricktley par 56 and 38's...they just.....blink. i run moniter mixes and typically once they are set it is time to play with lights and ive grown a fondness for being a lighting tech, even though its more unsung than being a sound tech, wich is a very unsung position in the entertainment world.(atleast thats my take.but thats not why i do it))
however if your a dj though, im sure sound triggering will work good if you can do it. i dj on the side and i just throw my scanners and droids into their respective audio positions with a black out button and use my elaton for par's. but that has nothing to do with the price of eggs in mongolia.... what? lol
i know there are shortcut keys and what not in mydmx, but rite now im doing less playing and more reserch.
i find its good practice to read this forum, i start with new topiccs of the day and then go back to the beginning of the forum and read read read,every night after work. very boring, but!!! gives me insight and ideas to hear what other people have asked and tried, along with the remarkable patience of jingles and cris. so in short,ha ha, ill bet there could be a way to fashion an audio trigger, but from what ive read, depending on what it is you are trying to do, (rite tools, rite job) it may not work exactley how you wish.

but who the hell am i... i just fell out of the dmx womb...and cant even spell chris's name rite!

just bored!
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