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Reply to "Using FX for steps"

Originally posted by Thumpinbass:
hey jingles, I think you probably misunderstood what I was saying, but your answer might still apply, maybe.

I wasnt referring to having to FX sequences going at 1 time. What I meant was... say I do a simple circle with my novascans. This comes out to be 13 steps. I then wanna do the exact same circle, but in a different direction. So I make the circle in fx again having teh direction going the other way, when i click on generate, the steps show up, but the fade time is 00:00:04 instead of like 00:01:00

Did i explain that right. I just wanna add more FX generated steps to the end of that scene. I know its a simple fix... Just go in and change the fade times and all is well. I was just wondering if this is part of the limitation of the program by not being able to add fx sequences together in 1 scene.


Not sure if the FX Generator can do what you are asking but one thing I do for long scenes is make a second, dummy scene. I then use the FX Generator to make my new circle or whatever, then copy and paste the steps into my first scene. When the first scene is complete I just delete the dummy scene.

Hope that helps.