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Reply to "The Future Of MY DMX."

Ah, the hazards of licensing arrangements and rampant pirating.

If ADJ said "that's it, we're done, no more support", it's a dead product. What ADJ is saying is:

This is the product. We still stand by and support it. We will provided fixes(most likely due to Windows updates) to ensure it remains reliable, but other than that, this is what it is.

Think about this: When a product is released, there may be three teams involved. Usually 2 for a new product and then 3 when a new version comes out. There is the development team(who writes it) and the support team who deals with it after it is released, often including updates and fixes.

When a new version comes out, then we have to add in the legacy ongoing support team, while development and support already moved forward.

That's a lot of people at this point.

One of the issues with making the hardware accessible is that now we all have to agree on a standard interface. Think ProTools. For the longest time, only ProTools SW worked with ProTools hardware. Now that's broken down a bit, thank goodness.

I see your argument for not enhancing MyDMX because it would in fact encroach on Compu Live. If they kept improving and adding features to MyDMX, we have problems.

I bought relatively early. What, I'm gonna get nickel and dimed for enhancements. Enhancements increase price. Features increase pricing.

I think the same thing is true with consoles though. There are unfortunately some BIG gaps between certain levels. You've got your intro consoles, then you have some semi-pro stuff which is a big leap in cost, then your big boys toys, which can get obscenely expensive. But you do get what you pay for.

MyDMX was designed to be an easy to use and cost-effective option to those considering a controller or those wanting to break into computer controlled lighting. It's the right product at the right price. The problems are those who want MORE than what the software was designed for.

I'm not totally in favor of "proprietary" stuff, but sometimes, you get better control and quality.

Anyhow, I gotta scoot. Get paid and what not.