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Reply to "The Future Of MY DMX."

Hi Jingles & The ADJ Team,

Thank you for clarifying the future of MyDMX. I am both disappointed and pleased with the reply.

Firstly, I am happy to see that there will be ongoing support for the fixing of bugs etc. As users become more competent with the program, bugs may become apparent that are not yet seen. The fact that we can report these and have them fixed is good.

Secondly, I am sad to see that such a new product with a potentially long life has effectively been killed off so soon. The fact that no new features will be added, even minor ones, means that there is no compulsion for someone to purchase the package. This will encourage potential customers to choose the open source interfaces and use the various (and equally well supported) freeware & shareware applications to go with them. I as saddened by this as I believe that MyDMX had the chance to take market share FROM that area of the market.
I could understand the reluctance to develop the application further if it was just short of encroaching on your other software solutions, but there is a big gap between this and CompuLive.

Here is a suggestion. If the software is no longer going to be developed further, why don't you make the hardware specs available to the developers of the open source software (Freestyler etc), so that they can incorporate the hardware control into their applications. This will not damage the ADJ software, but it will open up another market for the MyDMX hardware. Just a thought.

I am still very much a novice with the program and will continue to use it and learn it. I am sure it will give me many years of service. Its a shame I didn't know it would have such a short development life.

Thanks once again for the insight.