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Suggestions for Subject titles and posts

This forum has become full of random issues with sometimes even more random titles. Too much information gets overwhelming for both customer service and customers trying to find answers to questions.

I have some specific suggestions for getting more mileage out of your posts. Please take these into consideration:

1) Put the issue in the title as clearly and specific as possible. For example: "Virtual DJ LE freezes up on my MAC version 10.4" or "Both mics sound distorted with my SM58" If you just put "Darned VMS4 doesn't work - again" that's an invitation for everyone and their dog to chip in with an opinion. Having a clear subject will get you a clear answer from either ADJs customer support or even other helpful customers much, much faster. That's the point of a forum.

2) Stick to the Subject in the post. If you throw the kitchen sink into the post, it gets hard for both ADJ customer service and customers reading the forum to track what's going on. Things get repeated all over the place and it's difficult to find and post specific answers.

3) Stay away from vague complaints and editorials. I don't like the sound, something's not right, this thing is crap, etc. etc... Sounds like you're just whining, and nobody knows how they can help you.

4) Focus on what's most important. Perhaps you have a list of 20 or so gripes, but only 2 are keeping you from getting up and running at gigs. So make those 2 issues subject material. You'll get responses much faster.

5) Keep relevant to the post. Don't just throw your own unrelated gripes into whatever post gets the most attention. That's called "hijacking" and it's not respectful to others contributing to the post, especially the author who's trying to get an answer to a question. Start a separate subject if you have something important to say.
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