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Reply to "Steps and scenes, many uses?"

this is the posting ive been looking for, and to no surprise i find you two cats in the center of it.
rite now my concern is not with making my fixtures do the stadium wave or circles or any type of crazyness.
my concern is with simply making sense in a live situation and not looking sloppy, chris, your post on the shutter opening and showing the color wheel and using stepps to try and fix the sloppy appearance of that (thinking ouside the box) was helpful.

for the most part, at this point i will be using moving heads in special situations only, for 1 because adding fixtures increases set up/tear down and im not interested in that for just the general customer.
but im going to try and hone my skills on one particular band we run allot with because i know there set well. i look at it more as customizing a show rather than just having lights on. if thats the case just give me some pars and a scene setter 48 and im golden.

ok, what the hell is he talking about here? whats his point? herre is an example:
in my garage i set up 4 fixtures with 3 scenes. im doing a show for a poison tribute band ( try and hide your envy)
and i want to try a little intelligent lighting. so i pick the song "i wont forget you"
im sure im making this harder than needed but i want things to change on cue,
intro to song: heads move between 3 differant fixed points (scenes) in a slow fade of like 4 seconds with a hold time of 1 sec.
they seem to advance on "beat one" when they go. ( hope im making sense) and by the time the verse starts i simply stop them in their position during verses and activate the scene chase during chorus. adds a very dramatic element.. makes me smile. thats what lights do..
now, these are recorded songs and in real time,"live" the tempos will vary and i prefer to be spot on as i can...
so, i pick another song thats totally differant.."american life" by primus. fade times are differant a bit but i can compinsate by simply clicking the next scene in the sequence on cue with the beat. but that seems shotty since its a mouse and tab on the screen.. i know there are ways to shortcut that stuff to keys i think. but all in all when it comes to trying to be a bit elaborate, even if its with 3 simple scenes there is no such thing as hands off... but what would be the fun in that. i like to run lights.

i dont know what im trying to get across hear except being out of sinc worries me. i undertand fully there are no tap sync or sound activation here.. i wouldnt use sound activation any ways, i like to be more in control.