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Reply to "Sorry ... Vista64 ..."

Hi Jingles

>IT's all explained in the post i linked above. But what weird behavior are you talking about?

Below is what is meant:

- The ADJ P64 LED does respond however any/all color value elicits a disturbing strobe effect. Color mixing and other effects seem to work (hard to tell with the fixture strobing)
- ... NSI DM 5000 dimmer pack, dmx dipswitches set for addresses 1-4 (all at zero). Then invoked the myDMX application. LED status: Power, ON; USB, strobing; DMX strobing.
Without any profile I tried moving the faders for all 4 channels, no predictable activity was observed. Every PAR 64 incandescent can attached to the dimmer went full on without any dimming occurring. At least it wasn't strobing!

Ultimately my question SHOULD have been 'have you attached the dongle to a fixture and verified it a functional install?'.

I ask that for 2 reasons; 1) I loathe trusting implicit statements. 2) With a few stylistic differences (by stylistic I mean there is more than one way to get EXACTLY the same end result with Windows ie, file moving [Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V vs. dragging and dropping with the starboard mouse button])I do not see anything that was not done during my iterations of installs, especially my final attempt that would qualify as a different install result from your description.


PS(1) The reason your one graphic is darkish is that the window captured was NOT active at the time of the screen cap.

PS (2)Anyone thought of creating a piggyback application that would provide a GUI of a generic DMX box/controller? So that fader 1 is DMX channel (x), fader 2 is DMX channel (x+1) etc.?