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Reply to "Sorry ... Vista64 ..."


I'll try to be concise, but likely not succeed.

  • The DLL error pic above indicates a problem with "DllOem.dll", the DLL file that Chris (Thanks Chris!) is hosting is "winusb.dll"
  • I finally had the opportunity to move the files (myDMX.exe & winusb.dll into the myDMX(myDMX) folder.
  • It was observed that the target of the desktop shortcut and the Start Menu shortcut is an executable file entitled "esa.exe"
  • I made changes to to the shortcuts and the application myDMX (myDMX.exe) now launches instead of esa.exe.
  • After re-booting the PC with the dongle attached only to the PC I then connected the dongle to an NSI DM 5000 dimmer pack, dmx dipswitches set for addresses 1-4 (all at zero). Then invoked the myDMX application. LED status: Power, ON; USB, strobing; DMX strobing.
  • Without any profile I tried moving the faders for all 4 channels, no predictable activity was observed. Every PAR 64 incandescent can attached to the dimmer went full on without any dimming occurring. At least it wasn't strobing!

Guidance will be appreciated.
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