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Reply to "Sorry ... Vista64 ..."

I'm wondering if the right profiles are being used as well as proper addressing.

ADJ makes a 64 LED and an 64 LED PRO, which require different sets of profiles.

I think we gotta get down and dirty.

As is known(or should be), PROFILES are NOT NECESSARY to operate MyDMX. There, said it. Profiles are required for working with the FX Generator and to make fixtures more human friendly.

What channels are you assigning to what fixtures?
Do they match in MyDMX? It's important. Some people didn't realize they have to also set the channels on the fixture as well. Channels have to match.
Are you using the right profiles? Using the wrong profile could result in considerably less than expected performance. Mainly because "well, the profile tells me this, but I see something else" is often a symptom of the wrong profile, or the wrong mode profile. As some lights have multiple profile modes, it's critical to ensure you have the right profile selected for your proper relation to the fixture. Match those channels up.

It's entirely possible that your jumping ship won't address the issue. Gotta make sure the troubleshooting is done.

The description is that the dongle is behaving as it should.