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Reply to "Sorry ... Vista64 ..."

Thanks again, Chris.

I have too many applications (and not enough $$ if you know what I mean ;-) ) that run as intended on my Toshiba V64 laptop to consider scrapping Vista.

Anyway, (Mr. Jingles are you here?) here's where I stand:

- myDMX installed.
- 64 bit drivers installed
- myDMX opens in both DEMO & USB mode as expected
- In USB mode the dongle's power LED is lit continuously and both the USB and DMX LEDs strobe
- Programming seems MUCH faster and reliable in DEMO mode
- At present neither DMX device tried responds correctly to myDMX in USB mode: The ADJ P64 LED does respond however any/all color value elicits a disturbing strobe effect. Color mixing and other effects seem to work (hard to tell with the fixture strobing). The can works connected to a hardware controller. The HX 700 Intellabeam (reasonably sure the fixture is 100% functional) did not respond at all.

I knew I was risking $$ going for a product not initially built for V64 but received confirmation from the seller and the eye-candy at the ADJ site that the app. was V64 compatible. Caveat emptor AND c'est la vie it seems. PERHAPS I'll have to suck it up, dump the myDMX on ebay, and go for a Sunlite product (SL2014EC) which is V64 friendly.

Any guidance would be graciously accepted.
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