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Reply to "Some Issues Traktor Pro and VMS4"

Originally posted by Insidiousdead:

i use a modified version of DJ Freshflukes one and i didnt modify the knobs. they are still on direct!!

I tested also with DJ Freshfluke NORMAL Mapping without modification and i tested an new mapping. This with 2 different VMs4s!

I made a little Picture to show this problem.
See EQ High knob at Midilog 2!

Thx for help!

edit: The Midicommands for the MIC EQ and Gain work the correctway!

I can't look at the file you posted because it says it no longer exists, but if you're talking about the EQ potentiometers on the channel strips (NOT the endless rotaries in the effect section), make sure that the EQ input entry in the controller manager is set to direct and "soft takeover". They should work fine then.