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Reply to "Some Issues Traktor Pro and VMS4"

Hi, thanks for answering again!

Its not the softtakeover which causes the problems.

When i put the Knob on 12 O clock. its "0" Value on traktor.
When i Put (i.e. EQ High) on 9 o clock its around -124. when i put it on 7 o clock its around -127 value.
The relation of 12->9o clock (3 "degrees") makes a valuedifference of 125
whereas the relation between 9 and 7 oclock (2 degrees) makes just 2-5 value difference.

Thats the Thing, that makes me go crazy, because it cant really finetune filter or EQ etc....
And its not on 9 o clock, its also on 3 o clock and all 270 degree buttons.

I hope i have explained me clearly now Big Grin

thx for answers =)