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Reply to "Setup - fixture drops, no show in faders"

(BTW, many times when a program suddenly goes 'slo-mo' on you it's Windows swapping memory in and out when you try to switch focus to another task. Programs loose track of the resources they allocated and memory 'leaks' away until suddenly, 'chug.chug.chug. Web page Video Players (YouTube f.i.) seem particularly adept at using up memory. Rebooting is then prescribed)

Nope, ain't a memory leak issue. It's a MyDMX Bug. I'm not task swapping. I'm staying in MyDMX. I mean, how am I gonna get online in a venue that is a "vacuum" with no wired or wireless internet access, no access points? I just turn off my network interfaces, quit any unnecessary services, and then I'm good to go.

Quitting MyDMX, unplugging the dongle, re-plugging in the Dongle, re-launching MyDMX clears the problem 9 out of 10 times. It seems to me the USB driver needs a bit more TLC or retooling. This is reminding me of DigiDesign, where they design their SW so tight, you do updates and you could be hosed for a while. Or, you have to wait for Digi, and you're hosed because you can't get updates you might otherwise need..... At least MyDMX ain't that bad.

I find my best results come from waiting for the machine to boot, then plug in the dongle. Wait for happy tones, then launch MyDMX. I mainly get the quirk when starting from a cold boot and pre-plugging in the dongle before even starting, or at least before XP fully loads.

I'm covered. I have this MacBook pro and ProTools MPowered running on both Mac and PC.If one stops working, the other will keep me going.(I use external Mac-formatted drives with MacDrive installed)

Also, back to your issue of addressing:
Check DIP position 1. I bet it's ON and that's what's bumping your addresses up 1 address! OR, whatever DIP corresponds to 1. Of course, if you're starting with odd addresses, you know that's going to be on anyways. Just double and triple check those DIP switch settings. Those always kick my butt!