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Reply to "Setup - fixture drops, no show in faders"

Chris : Cabling known good - DMX Data cables and Permanent Marker 'branded'.

2 x ADJ Par36LED [6 ch.] co-resident @ addr 10 (dip 4 & 2 on)
2 x Chauvet LED-Par83 (COLORsplash JR.) [4 ch.] co-resident @ addr 16 (dip 5 on [& 10 for DMX Mode])

June 5, 2008 install (disc in box) and already downloaded and installed from ADJ web which reports June 5, 2008 date as well.

(BTW, many times when a program suddenly goes 'slo-mo' on you it's Windows swapping memory in and out when you try to switch focus to another task. Programs loose track of the resources they allocated and memory 'leaks' away until suddenly, 'chug.chug.chug. Web page Video Players (YouTube f.i.) seem particularly adept at using up memory. Rebooting is then prescribed)

Jingles : As you see I already went to the web for the latest software to no avail. Exited. Unplugged the myDMX Controller, count 5, replugged, Now I can assign multiple fixtures - just drag and drop! Unfortunately the faders (now 'intelligent') don't affect the lights at all, which are all dark now.

Device Manager reports "Intelligent Usb Dmx Interface (low cost U6)".

Then I check the status and sure enough, myDMX is in Demo Mode so it doesn't see the interface.

I wanted to write this before rebooting so that's the next step.