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set up help please

Hi Guys I need your help with the basics here please. I have 2 stairville  B1R moving heads. link to view them heads.

they are 12 channel so I have my first one set at dmx 001 and the second one set at dmx per instructions on the mydmxgo fixtures page.

I have the mydmxgo set up and I have my kindle fire hd10 connected to the box a dmx lead in output 1 going into input on my first light., my moving heads are downloaded into the fixtures, when i go into the live section and click on the moves i cant seem to get my 2 lights talking to each other they are doing different things,the dmx red light is on at the second light so the signal must be there.

do I need to click on the first one dmx001 and adjust the sliders  and also the same for light 2 dmx013.

Also I cant seem to get the full features of my dmx go working, the moves section I don't have them all working and the colour side i cant seem to get past white. When i do if i press a colour I'm not getting that colour, its frustrating.

do I need to go into the mydmxgo fixture settings and adjust the sliders\faders every time i.e. colour, pan tilt brightness, they are always moving up and down.



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