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Room Design

Troublemaker reports he is making stages for all the rooms he plays. OK, more work for you. But there may be a valid reason for this work but I see perhaps a better solution.

I've been working for well over a year on a single stage. Let me preface taht I have not been working non-stop, it's more about a bit here and there.

My stages are typically square/rectangular. I'm designing my stage to be a "catch all" sort of thing. By doing things my way, it's better to proesent a "concept" of where I want things, rather than the exact locations. My design lets me get my ideas done within reasonable limitations and oversights.

I find by doing a more conceptual design, it saves alot of effort.

Unless you're a lighting company or your rooms or stages are just totally whack, a lot of this extra work isn't necessary.

With lighting designers, those doing lighting for a living, first off, they aren't using MyDMX. Second, in such scenarios, it is an absolute MUST to have a more thorough information, as it will then often go to the riggers and guys who will be making their drawings a reality!

About the only parts of my scene and room designs that DO NOT work is when I'm doing an outdoor gig, but I still usually get square stages.

Right now I'm preparing for my gig on July 25th at a major outdoor venue, and getting into this venue gives me potential for more opportunities later on. At least I am under shade. I can take advantage of the covering with my movers to shoot them up and have a surface to play with. Otherwise, these things would be rather silly looking and hopefully I don't signal airplanes to land.

The 3D Visualizer is not as intuitive to me. I make it work, that's all that matters to me. Some people take to this easier than others. To each their own. But, regardless of how well you take to it, if you need to do room design in MyDMX, you're going to have to use it.
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