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Reply to "Punch LED Pro Vs 64B LED Pro"

Here's my concept:

Most of my stages are SMALL with tight confines, say a 8-foot deep(maybe 6), and anywhere from 12-20-feet wide. So, I really don't have a lot of room to work. Cramming a whole band with 2 guitar, 2 keys, bass, full drums(oh please be acoustic!) and a lead vocalist or two(Depends on song), that's a lot to cram into a small location.

Use the Par 64 LED Pros to aim at musicians fronts, use the Punch Pros for back lighting from rear truss and for general washes over a larger area, such as a drum kit.

Since my musicians tend to stay put any my vocalists tend to not move around a whole lot, I can get away with that.

Should the "lead" need to wander, that's what follow-spots are for, and it wouldn't surprise me fo LED follow spots aren't too far behind.

Jingles, to me, the ADJ product demo videos just don't do much for me. They give me ideas, but not a real great A/B comparison. I think it's more tha nature of the product.

My statement still stands as far as I am concerned: Par 64 LED's are more of a focused wash(not much), and the Punch Pro's are a general wash(no real beam confinenment).

I'm going to just have to go all LED soon with DMX and forget about my older stuff. Greatly simplifiy set-up and tear down.