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Please, I need some help with my VMS4!

I have attached below the TSI file, the one I use for Traktor Pro 2 with four decks. It is well mapped, but I want to change the commands for the browser (browse the playlist and option to load the decks).
I personally do not use effects, so I will not need it and I keep control buttons for browser options.

Effects zones - left side (is marked with red in photo)

1. when I press the ON / OFF button I want to Maximize Browser
2. when I turn right or left the SELECT button, navigating through the list on the left. And also wen i press it to open folders
3. When I turn right or left SELECT button from SAMPLE area, navigate thorugh the playlist on the right.
4. the PLAY and REC buttons from SAMPLE area: LOAD tracks in to decks.
Someone, please help me!
The TSI file..
And the photo..
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