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Reply to "Output being compressed?"

Originally posted by Jackpot Slot Machine (JSM):
Originally posted by HartmutADJEU:
@ groovindj: what do you think about having personal support? since you are located in the UK we can have one of our sales guys come over in order to help you in person.

@ Jackpot Slot machine: unfortunately we can't offer this service for you in spain.
So please klick on my username and contact me with all your problems!
BTW: your statement: "guys, ther is a definately problem with all first units" is WRONG!!!

Harmut ?

What service are you on about ? Are you answering someone elses post ? Have I asked for something and didn't realise ?

And when you quote someone get it right, I said

SOME/ALL have a problem. Not as you said ALL.

And to say the statement is WRONG, are you denying that there are problems with the unit ? Are you insane ? There are some quite critical problems with the first units ranging from Build quality, missing components, features not working correctly (or even at all). Major headaches with getting the unit to work on 4 decks as advertised .. and of course the reason I sent mine back, leaking cue/mix channels

I'd say they were problems

you are dramatising BIG TIME!!!
just stop spamming with your over simplifing statements..
- you have a problem with your VMS4? name it!
- you don't have a VMS4 and are trolling around the forum... get lost...
- you want to participate in the forum and help other users, like you do in some other posts, you are allways welcome.