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Reply to "myDMX - NOT for performing Musicians"

I Thought I would weigh in on this one.

in re: to a previous question, the Roland FC-200 works fine to trigger (I use it). Since MyDMX only recognizes program change as "yes" then PCs are bad because you only get 1. However, the FC-200 in CC mode and setup properly will give you 19 triggers (if you plug foot switches into the 6 external connections) If you are running the FC-200 in series with a MIDI Keyboard like I do, then you will have to reassign some of the CC's in the FC-200 because aftertouch and such things from the keyboard will call up a MyDMX program. (took me a couple of gigs to figure THAT one out)(WHY ARE THE LIGHTS DOING THAT AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGH!!)

I also trigger programs with Note-On and I get 128 of those so that gives me 137 possible programs. I am not using all of them yet.

My keyboard is "Zone" friendly so I am able to set up alot of note triggers in special parts of songs to keep certain things in sync with the music, but mostly I've just programmed about 15 or so long "chase" scenes (about 3-6 minutes each) and trigger one by note on from the keyboard at the beginning of the song. I have other song-long programs for certain songs that we do that i trigger from the keyboard at the start also. One in particular (for Separate Ways by Journey) gives me a 4 beat flash from one of the front lights so I can play my intro in sync to the lights.

I send my Note-on triggers on channel 16 by filtering all other channels in my DAW when sending 16 out to MyDMX.

By the way, due to the resource hogging of MyDMX, I now run it on a separate machine. I bought a little NETbook and by golly if it isn't the cutest little light controller you ever saw. I do, however program on a different machine with much better display properties.

What I wonder is in re: to the original poster in this thread, IF MyDMX can distinguish between MIDI channels for CC and Note-On Then it seems to me that in his sequences he could use more than just one channel. Even Still, between the two even on one channel you can send about 256 triggers between CC and Note-On. How many does a body need? I'm guessing he didn't really fire up his neurons.

I like MyDMX, it's good bang for the buck. It has a few bugs (see my other post about losing my MIDI triggers) and it is unfortunate that developement of the software is defunct. However, it's a lot of fun and pretty simple to use.

Russell Landwehr