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myDMX - NOT for performing Musicians

Here's my situation & what I've found concerning myDMX. Is this you as well??

-I'm a guitarist & regularly perform live shows using midi sequences to generate the backing tracks
-I use a laptop with sequencing software (Sonar Home Studio 6 XL... but could be anything)
-The sequencer "talks" to the midi sound module, outboard effects processors, my PODxt, etc. switching effects/sounds/volumes at the times I've designated within the sequence via Midi CC#'s, Program change commands, etc.
-The laptop sends this data via a USB connection to a USB/Midi multi-output box - all other midi gear is hooked to this and each has it's own unique port to receive the data sent to it
-To perform, I create playlists of songs in the sequencer which automatically molves from one song to the next; either starting it right away, delaying it by some amount or else waiting for input from me to begin playing again.
-I had the brilliant idea that my show would be better if I added a lighting which could be controlled by data coming from the sequencer!
-That I could create really cool individual light shows for each song!!
-That creating these light shows would be similar to working with midi data!!!
-....and that myDMX was the answer!!!!

After reading this forum, contacting tech support and re-reading the manual several times, I've come to conclude this product ISN'T right for my application in it's current state. Here's why:

1. myDMX software & sequencing software can't talk to each other internally
2. myDMX has no pre-assigned lighting actions associated with any midi CC#'s or midi note #'s. Instead, you have to design a lighting scene and then "teach" it what data will control it byh sending it the midi command you want it to act upon. This may seem foreign to midi users who know, for example, that CC#7 is the universal control for volume on all midi devices.
3. myDMX will ONLY respond to midi note # on/off data. That's it. No CC#'s, program changes, envelopes of any other kind, etc.
4. That means that you only have a maximum of 128 on/off data "triggers" you can send.
5. No such thing as a playlist for all these great light shows floating around in your imagination that go with this song or that one. The only way to associate a finished sequence of lighting scenes is to manually open up the new one at the beginning of each midi sequence. No way to roll from song-to-song. Talk about dead air in your show.
6. That being the case, it appears you'll only get to choose from a maximum total of 128 different scenes which you've designed. Think that's a lot? Read on.
7. Appears to be no way to sync lighting actions such as fade in/out times, strobing rates or moving-type light actions to the tempo in your sequence or to MTC or midi measure/beat/tick info.
8. Instead, all scene actions are based on preassigned timing (ex. scene: a 3 sec. fade out starting at 80% intensity using the P64 LED cans assigned to produce blue), not time code, tempo mapping or envelope controls from the sequencer.
9. So now you're left with trying to figure out how to design, and then apply, 128 generic actions to cover ALL the great lighting ideas you had in your head for ALL midi sequences you regularly perform.
10. My guess is that this software was not designed by performing musicians nor is for them.
11. Tech support here appears to have little detailed knowledge of myDMX, midi or the requirements of those who use midi as a performance tool. No personal slam intended there, just an observation from reading forum posts & replies. Go read them and decide for yourself.
12. Posts in this forum from people who have a similair application as mine are regularly referred to Elation Compu Live software as the solution. Although it may have better midi communication abilities, it seems MUCH less intutive than myDMX (which is what attracted me in the first place). Also, I still couldn't figure out if it'll change indivual light shows which track with my sequencer playlist (I think it won't).
13. That being the case, I'm back to #9 above.

True, myDMX is most likely a great DJ or lighting guy product, especially for it's low cost. Maybe the only hope for my intended light show is to create 128 generic scenes and to make them fit the songs I have (since that's better than no lights, right?) and hope the software will be upgraded & improved Heck, one of those scenes could be to send the control to trigger the lights to switch to their sound activation mode and then to let them run as they want without any control from me. At least regular audience members won't get bored watching since the lights will be different every single time.

Please let me know if you have a similar application and have either found a workaround, a correction to my misunderstanding of myDMX or a product which'll do what we both want and not break the bank.

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