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Reply to "Moving Fixtures To New Address"

SerraAva hit it with "hard work is key".

Programmers "back in the day" would have to be mean, lean and do everything they could do reduce the size of their coding to make the apps fit on say a single sided floppy 5.25" floppy, and I can't even remember how small in data those held. 360K? It wasn't much.

Nowadays, RAM is cheap, drives are cheap. Programmers have gotten lazy as well, and so they don't code efficiently(or even properly so it seems a fair amount of time). Quality control is down the toilet and "tested" apps are often no more than "late beta releases" or in some cases, Alpha software(ugh, even buggier), then the world gets to test it and be the test platform. Never a good thing.

We have to examine if MyDMX is based on another product. I won't say what I think I know, because what I think I know I am fairly sure I think that that information may be flawed.

For what MyDMX costs, I get a lot. I expect a lot, but as a sound engineer, from what I get from MyDMX, I sure as hell am happy with it, despite my documented rants on it. I make the point that I am a sound guy and not a lighting guy deliberately, so you can see a lack of expertise in the lighting arena. Lighting for me is more of a "everything you never wanted to learn about lighting but were forced to find out anyways", and there is only so much I can take in at any given time.

Considering what MyDMX costs, you honestly can't expect a FULL set of features, it's simply not economically possible. We're talking a package designed for DJ's and I'm not going to take the low road and express my generally low opinion of DJ's here. It's just, DJ's for the most part have tied their investment into other gear, and if for a few bucks more can get a software package instead of a console and it means easier to use, if they have the laptop to spare, they'll probably go MyDMX. Since more and more DJ's are going with products like Torqe and Serrato, they are already bringing computers anyways, so what's another laptop, IF they can afford it.

It's not to say this "moving of channel data" or even "tie programming to fixtures and have the data follow where the fixure ends up" can't be done. It can be done, it could be done. WILL it be done and should it be done? Not questions I can answer. If you can do it on a dedicated lighting console, which is just after all a dedicated platform with its own software, it can clearly be done on a PC or Mac based software package. It shouldn't also take a lot of time to move the data if you don't have to do it by hand.

Since this functionality wasn't thought of in the first place, I doubt MyDMX is going to add it in there. Honestly, this seems more of a feature for Compu Live or should be in Compu Live.

In my opinion, too many people aer buying MyDMX since it has such a great price point, but then not fully researching the product ahead of time. It's these more advanced users(read: sure ain't me!!) who through their experiences, just flat out end up needing more. I feel lucky that I don't have those problems, and many problems I do know of, I know and have access to work-around solutions, mainly thanks to the simple fact that I have multiple laptops at my disposal to help me get around most of these issues.