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Moving Fixtures To New Address

Ok, here goes. This question may have come up before but I cannot find it. Sorry for re-visiting if that is the case.

I have just converted my Star Cloth to DMX from manual control and now need to add it to my set. Problem 1 is that the controller is fixed to DMX channels 1-4.
Problem 2 is that I already have a PAR64 (1st of 4) starting at channel 1.

I therefore need to move the 4 PAR64s up the channel list to make room for the Star Cloth controller.

Thankfully, there is a gap between the PAR64s and the next fixtures so they are the only units which need moving.

OK, I can just shift them up the list, but this is where the problem raises its ugly head - The programmed steps in my chases DO NOT get re-addressed with the fixture profiles. They stay put. Not good.

My question therefore is:

Is there a way of moving the fixtures which will also update the fixture step data or will I need to re-program every god-damn step in my chases to make room for this new item?

I have tried to examine the saved data file but it just shows as garbage in a text editor so I cannot even manipulate the data outwith MyDMX.
That could be a nice little project for our home programmers out there.........

You comments and help would be very helpful and appreciated, but I think I already know what the answer will be...... Frowner
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