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Mixing old with new technology

I'm being rather specific. While the models may change, think the following regular fixtures(not LED):
Rover II
Barrel Flex.

Looking at the video preview for the new LED Electra, I was excited at the new application using LED technology. But, looking at the video, my excitement faded.


I like having the dichroic mirror or lense or whatever that breaks that beam into multiple colors, and I set my fixtures to spin the beam. I feel it provides a good high energy and fun effect. What I would like to see is a duplication of that effect but using LED technology. I think it would be easy: Simple replace the bulb of the Electra 250 with a new LED element. Of course, I realize that means new transformer too, but hey I know there's tons of room in there. Just keep the optics the same.

Or maybe make an A and B versions of the light. One uses the new LED stuff and the B version is a retro-type look and behavior yet using LED technology. And while you're at it, I like the "moonbeam" effect as well, so please don't lose that!
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