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Midi Controller to power Effects

I have been purchasing stage lighting equipment for my band.
Currently we are using an American dj Midi-pak to control lights via midi commands.
Of course the midi-pak just supplies power to the lights.

My question:
Can I use the midi pak to supply power to other American DJ lighting effects such as:
the high-tech mirror ball for instance.

Obviously I know I can power this device with my midi-pak, I guess my question is:
Will the high-tech mirror ball, and other products like it, respond quickly enough if simply being powered on.

Could I for-instance, send a pre-programmed midi command via computer to my midi-pak at 3 minutes into the song to turn on the power to the receptacle that the high-tech mirror ball is plugged into, and have the mirror ball instantly come to life? Then could I safely kill the power to the mirror ball at say 3 minutes and 15 seconds?
And do this sort of thing safely and efficiently throughout a song?

Could anyone suggest FX products that would work well in this scenario?
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